Mayors Wellness Campaign for a Higher Quality Life

We at have faith that there is the potential for a truly high quality of life for us all. What is holding you back from making progress? Whether it’s physical health or mental health – it’s all important.

One of the things we’ve noticed over time is that those of us who are struggling in one or more areas of our lives tend to get a feeling of overwhelm, and instead of addressing the struggle, we avoid talking about it at all. Some of us hide behind a habit or addiction in order to “forget about it all” for a while. Of course we know it’s still there. Others simply pretend they don’t have any issues at all, and stuff just gets bottled up inside without any actions being taken.

None of this is a positive way to deal. If you happen to be someone who is looking at improving one or more aspects of your life, we applaud you!

Please make an appointment with a trusted healthcare professional who can help you outline the most positive steps to take. But the thing is, you do have to take a step forward. So, while we work on our site redesign so that we can get great content up that hopefully you’ll find interesting (or at very least, entertaining), please know this: We’re sending positive, healthy, and healing thoughts your way!